xbox anime sale

Xbox is bringing the heat with some of these recent sales promotions, and another one has just gone live! Alongside this week's major Ubisoft sale — which has the potential to be even better thanks to a 'Just For You' bonus — the Microsoft Store has now set an 'Anime Month' sale live, featuring a selection of Japanese titles.

The discounts here might not be quite as steep as that Ubi promo, but still, there are some solid sales on a range of different games. Here are our top picks from the current selection of 'Anime Month' offers, with Xbox set to put another batch of different discounts live during the back half of February when these expire.

This set of deals is expected to expire on Monday, February 13th, with another batch to follow.

Game Discount UK Price US Price
AI: The Somnium Files 80% £6.99 $7.99
Bayonetta 60% £5.99 $7.99
Capcom Fighting Bundle 35% £32.49 $38.99
Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition 70% £5.99 $7.49
Devil May Cry 5 Special Edition 50% £17.49 $19.99
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 And 2 Bundle 85% £9.74 $12.74
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen 85% £2.99 $4.49
Eiyuden Chronicle: Rising 33% £8.70 $10.04
Lost Judgment Season Pass 50% £14.37 $17.49
Mega Man 11 67% £8.24 $9.89
Monster Hunter World: Iceborne 35% £16.24 $19.49
Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker 90% £4.99 $5.99
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy 50% £14.99 $14.99
Project Zero: Maiden of Black Water 25% £24.74 $29.99
Scarlet Nexus Deluxe Edition 75% £13.74 $19.99
Soulstice: Deluxe Edition 30% £31.49 $34.99
Tales of Arise Deluxe Edition 60% £25.99 $33.99
Tekken 7 - Definitive Edition 85% £14.24 $17.99

The full first set of Anime Month deals is available via the official Xbox website, if you'd like to take a proper look at the entire list. Remember, another batch is due to go live for the second half of 'Anime Month' on February 14th.

Anything in here you might pick up? Let us know what you have your eye on!

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