Developer Prime Matter has unveiled a brand-new gameplay trailer for its upcoming adventure Scars Above - an adventure that the team is labelling a "challenging sci-fi shooter" coming to consoles and PC.

The first thing we thought when watching this clip is how much it reminds us of PlayStation exclusive Returnal, and well, if the team is gunning for a challenging shooter, then such comparisons are probably welcome!

Either way, expect to take on plenty of big bad bosses who are out to kick your butt in Scars Above, which arrives on Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S on February 28th, 2023.

"Kate is an astronaut and a scientist – not a soldier — but she's resourceful and determined to do anything to survive. Use a combination of ranged weapons, devices, consumables and melee attacks, you need to manage stamina as you run, dodge, exploit weak points and discover effective tactics to defeat your foes.

Combine different elemental attacks to beat the odds and break through otherwise impassable obstacles. Craft different items and gadgets to aid you against the countless threats in this exoplanet."

Interested in Scars Above on Xbox? Let us know if it's one you might try later this month!