Bethesda Is 'Still Sorting Stuff Out' For Xbox's Upcoming Starfield Showcase

Bethesda is really taking its time over everything Starfield, isn't it? We suppose that should be a good thing in the long run, given how some recent Bethesda games have launched! Anyway, a recent Discord post from a developer over at Bethesda suggests that the team is still figuring out what to show at its upcoming Starfield event.

The team's community manager 'VaultOfDaedalus' explains why we haven't heard anything concrete on the show yet. Basically, the team is "still sorting stuff out" for the showcase rather than "withholding" any specific information right now.

"We'll have more info to share on the showcase when it's ready to be, still sorting stuff out for it. I know that's not the answer you want, but nothing specific is being withheld."

Despite the above Twitter account's somewhat pessimistic take, we don't think there's anything to worry about here. We're only a few weeks on from Xbox's first ever Developer Direct showcase - it's going to take a bit of time to put another one together!

That next showcase should provide a real good look at Starfield anyway. When Microsoft announced its Starfield Direct, the team's reasoning was to give Bethesda's upcoming RPG the "proper amount of time for a deep dive" as the game skipped January's broader Xbox showcase. Let's hope we get a soon-ish release date as well!

How hyped are you for the next Starfield showing? Let us know down below!