Atomic Heart Is Available Today With Xbox Game Pass (February 21)

Arguably February's biggest Xbox Game Pass drop has officially arrived! Yep, Atomic Heart is now available in the Game Pass library - delivering a big, bonkers FPS set in an alternate history version of the Soviet Union.

Below is a brief introduction to Atomic Heart, along with the game's launch trailer. We'll also include our own review down below if you want to see what we think of this new Xbox Game Pass title!

Atomic Heart (Console, PC, Cloud)

"In a mad and sublime utopian world, take part in explosive encounters. Adapt your fighting style to each opponent, use your environment and upgrade your equipment to fulfill your mission. If you want to reach the truth, you'll have to pay in blood."

Have you started Atomic Heart yet? How are you finding it? Vote in the poll and let us know!

How Are You Finding Atomic Heart So Far? (49 votes)

  1. Fantastic, the intro is amazing!8%
  2. I'm having fun with it22%
  3. It's okay, I'm intrigued to see where it goes!2%
  4. Meh, it's not hooked me yet4%
  5. I'm not really enjoying it to be honest4%
  6. I haven't started it yet, but I will soon!45%
  7. I have no plans to play Atomic Heart14%