Arkane's Deathloop Has Now Been Played By 5 Million People
Image: Arkane Studios

Arkane's Deathloop finally made its debut last September, becoming one of the best Xbox Game Pass games in the process. It seems this new player base has boosted stats since the initial PlayStation 5 and PC release - with the developer announcing this unique Groundhog Day-style video game has now been played by 5 million players around the globe.

While no specific stats were revealed, a number of players no doubt joined Colts adventure via Xbox and Microsoft's highly successful Xbox Game Pass service. In celebration of this milestone, the official social media account for the game released a number of interesting stats. Xbox also congratulated the team at Arkane:

According to some of these graphics, the total player base combined could have "taken nearly 7 round trips to the moon and back" using Shift. Players have fired enough bullets to stretch around the world 3.2 times and weigh the equivalent of 4.2 Eiffel Towers.

You can see even more weird and wonderful stats over on social media, but generally speaking, there's been a lot of activity in Deathloop! When the game launched on Xbox, we gave it an outstanding 10/10 in our Pure Xbox review, calling it Arkane's best. And if you're wondering about more Deathloop, you may be in luck - with the voice actor of Colt claiming Bethesda was still hiring for the game...

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