deathloop DLC xbox

Deathloop only came to Xbox a few months ago, but it looks like we might be getting more from Arkane's latest IP in the near future. The two main voice actors behind the game's 'Colt' and 'Julianna' characters recently appeared on a livestream, and one of them may have accidentally teased more Deathloop content.

Jason Kelley, the man behind Deathloop's main character Colt, was asked about revealing the codenames that Bethesda used when hiring talent for the game. Here's what Kelley ended up saying:

"Yes, I can't say them because they [Bethesda] are still sometimes hiring us under the codenames.

Did I just say something I shouldn't of said?"

Kelley's facial expression in the video interview leads us to believe that, yep, he probably wasn't supposed to say anything. Whoops!

Still, neither actor revealed any specifics, so we're not truly sure what all of this means at the moment. We could be looking at some Deathloop DLC, or maybe even a sequel, although the former seems much more likely given Arkane's recent expansion outings with Dishonored: Death of the Outsider and Prey: Mooncrash.

Would you like to see some Deathloop DLC? Or would you prefer a straight sequel? Let us know!

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