AI-Generated Bethesda 'Leaks' Give Us A Glimpse Into A Scary Future

We're in for an interesting future, folks. You've probably heard about all the "AI" discussion lately, like the ChatGPT chatbot that's been dominating headlines, and now we're starting to get a glimpse at how video game "leaks" will evolve in the future with this technology. In fact, it's pretty much taking over already!

One of the stories that was doing the rounds over the weekend was a Starfield image leak which apparently was taken from an upcoming trailer. That turned out not to be the case - instead it was created with an artificial intelligence art generation service called Midjourney. Here's a look:

No harm done, right? True, but there are more concerning examples if you look around. Earlier this month, an audio clip that appeared to show Bethesda's Todd Howard saying some very NSFW things (seriously, be warned) about The Elder Scrolls 6 racked up over 400,000 views on YouTube, and we have to admit, the voice sounded extremely convincing.

Many of the commenters on the video thought the same thing:

"This is so well done it's downright frightening."

There's plenty of potential to have some fun with this, but what happens when people start truly believing these apparent leaks? It's going to be very interesting to see how this develops over the coming months and years...

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