Update: Head of Xbox Phil Spencer appears to have confirmed this in a new interview with IGN, telling the outlet that "we will come out with a date, no doubt when we're a little bit closer".

"I know there were some questions on the date on Forza Motorsport... We will come out with a date, no doubt when we're a little bit closer. But we just wanted to reaffirm to people that this is a 2023 game."

Original story: Since last summer's Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase, we've had a rough launch window of "Spring 2023" locked in for Turn 10's upcoming Forza Motorsport reboot. However, this week's Developer Direct showing moved this to a much broader "2023" release window, and reports are now suggesting the game has been internally delayed.

VentureBeat's Jeff Grubb has posted his latest 'Game Mess' podcast over on YouTube, where he and fellow host Mike Minotti discussed all things Developer Direct. Grubb went on to say that he's heard Forza Motorsport has slipped out of its spring launch window:

"What I'm hearing, and I feel pretty good about this after asking around a couple times after hearing it the first time - it does seem that Forza is going to slip later into the year, it probably won't be the first half of the year. Now, I don't think that's too surprising after hearing '2023'."

These are unconfirmed reports for now, but given that Turn 10 has pivoted to simply "2023" for the launch of its upcoming racer, a second half of the year release does seem likely.

Thankfully, the game itself looks absolutely fantastic, as we discussed in our Developer Direct news post right after Turn 10 announced more on what we can expect from Forza Motorsport. If you want to hear the delay discussion for yourself, we've timestamped the podcast's Forza chat down below:

Do you reckon a 2nd half of 2023 launch is likely for Forza Motorsport? Let us know what you think.