Xbox Studio Tango Gameworks Calls Hi-Fi RUSH 'The Best Thing We've Ever Made'

Hi-Fi RUSH has proved a bit of a departure for Xbox studio Tango Gameworks, a team which has been known for its horror-focused titles since The Evil Within burst onto the scene in 2014. Despite the dramatic shift in style, the game has been incredibly well-received so far, and the developers themselves seem pretty thrilled with how things have turned out as well.

In a recent interview on Major Nelson's Xbox podcast, John Johanas, the creative director on Hi-Fi RUSH, stated that he believes it's the best game Tango has produced so far.

"This is a big surprise from our studio, it's unexpected, but we are absolutely excited that people can literally just go on Game Pass right now and play the whole game."

"It's a game that, from our studio, we think it's the best thing that we've ever made. We think it's something that you really want to try, so we encourage that."

Here at Pure Xbox HQ, a few of us have done just that, and we've been mighty impressed with what we've played. Check out our full written review down below!

Having said all that, Tango has produced some very, very good, and very, very different games since the studio's inception, and it's tough to say which is the absolute best. So, we've thrown together a little poll down below, giving you the chance to tell us which Tango title you like the most:

Comment down below on why your choice is the best Tango title so far!

Which Tango Gameworks Title Is Your Favourite?