Xbox's Phil Spencer Praises 'Inspiring Work' From The Last Of Us Dev

To round off a busy Gamescom week, Xbox boss and Microsoft Gaming CEO Phil Spencer took to Twitter on Friday night to share some love for PlayStation studio Naughty Dog ahead of the release of The Last Of Us Part 1 for PS5.

Specifically, he wanted to praise the accessibility options that are being implemented in the game, which include traversal audio cues, an "Enhanced Listen Mode", cinematic descriptions and much more. Here's a look:

In response, Naughty Dog shared a message of thanks, calling accessibility an "industry-wide effort":

"We're thrilled by the advances our talented developers across multiple disciplines achieved in accessibility, and it's an industry-wide effort to keep searching for ways to make games more and more accessible. Thank you so much!!"

Of course, Phil Spencer has long been an advocate for making accessibility a big focus for Xbox and indeed the industry at large, so it's great to see him sharing the praise with the talented team at Naughty Dog.

Will you be picking up The Last Of Us Part 1 this week? Don't worry, you can tell us...!!