xbox scalebound

Scalebound just won't go away, will it? The now-cancelled Xbox exclusive from PlatinumGames captured the imagination of the Xbox community when it was first revealed, and once again, its revival is being spoken about among Xbox journalists, insiders and fans.

Let's all take this particular rumour with a truckload of salt because as per usual, the info doesn't sound very concrete. Either way, XboxEra's Nick "Shpeshal Nick" Baker believes some sort of Scalebound revival is being discussed between Xbox and Platinum. We've timestamped that part of the discussion down below:

Anything Scalebound we don't wholly believe at this point given how long we've been hearing rumours, however, late last year Platinum themselves did express their desire to work on the IP again, so maybe, just maybe, the game could one day see the light of day on Xbox.

In somewhat-related news, the very same outlet has also recently claimed that a Gears of War collection is also in the works over at team Xbox.

Would you like this Xbox project to see a revival? Let us know in the comments below!