xbox quantum break

Remedy Entertainment is hard at work on Alan Wake 2 right now, with the team recently moving to a multiplatform focus following the launch of Control. However, the dev's recent releases, and its upcoming pipeline, aren't stopping Xbox fans from reminiscing about some of the studio's Xbox console exclusives.

Over the past few days, Quantum Break has been trending within Xbox communities, mostly down to a few notable posts from those involved with the game's development. Windows Central's Jez Corden seemed to kick things off with a random tweet, which was then picked up by the actor behind the game's main protagonist.

Well, it seems like Shawn Ashmore, the actor behind 'Jack Joyce', is definitely up for more Quantum Break! Famous Remedy developer Sam Lake seems fond of the actor's enthusiasm as well.

All of this QB talk has seen the Reddit community also discuss its love for the 2016 Xbox One title. Seriously, it's been that long since Quantum Break launched!

It remains to be seen whether the dev team will ever return to the world of Quantum Break. For now, that seems unlikely given the first game's Xbox-exclusive nature, but still, Alan Wake 2 is finally happening - more than 10 years on from Alan Wake's initial Xbox 360 launch!

Would you like to see more Quantum Break? Leave your opinions on the first game down below.