Microsoft Slashes The Price Of Xbox Series S For Lunar New Year

If you're in the market for an Xbox Series S, then you'll be interested to know that Microsoft has discounted the console once again as part of the Xbox Lunar New Year celebrations, bringing it down to just $239.99 USD.

The discounts vary in different regions, so in the UK it's only been reduced to £235.99, but it's still nice to get a small reduction regardless. Plus, you can use your Microsoft Rewards points to pay for it! Here are the purchase links:

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Some other retailers are also running similar deals right now (such as Walmart), so it might be worth shopping around if you're not keen on buying directly from the Microsoft Store for whatever reason.

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer did warn last year that Xbox prices could be going up in 2023, although the only change we've seen so far is that Xbox first-party games have jumped from $60 to $70 as standard.

Will you be picking one of these up? Let us know down in the comments below.