Halo TV Boss Kiki Wolfkill Has Reportedly Left 343 Industries
Image: Paramount

It's been a rough patch for the Halo team since Microsoft announced mass layoffs across multiple divisions including Xbox. Following the news of Joe Staten's exit at 343 Industries, it seems there's also been a significant departure from Halo's TV series.

As spotted in various reports, Halo Transmedia boss Kiki Wolfkill has recently updated her LinkedIn profile suggesting she's moved on from 343. Much like Joe, she'll apparently still be within the Microsoft ecosystem - taking on a new role. Her profile states that she's been Head of Xbox IP Expansion and Entertainment at Xbox since November of 2022, although supposedly she left 343 Industries in January 2023.

Keep in mind, there's been no official announcement about this just yet.

When the Halo TV series arrived on the scene last year, a second season was quickly given approval. Although it wasn't widely accepted by fans of the series, it still ended up being a huge success for Paramount - becoming "a global hit".

This latest development follows on from Phil Spencer's interview last week mentioning how 343 remains "critically important" to the success of the Halo series as well of Xbox. He even mentioned how the team had a "very good plan" going forward.

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[source wccftech.com]