Paramount+'s Halo TV series has officially been hailed as "a huge global hit" by the company's CEO Bob Bakish.

Yes, as reported by GameSpot, and according to an earnings-related press release from Paramount+, the show has hit the ground running, helping the network continue a strong recent run of form;

"Paramount+ saw strong engagement and consumption led by Halo, 1883, Star Trek: Picard, live events and the NFL. Internationally, Acapulco Shore was a top acquisition and engagement driver..."

Given the fact that Paramount+ had greenlit a follow-up to the sci-fi series before it had even had its first season premiere, the news that it's off to a flying start will no doubt come as a relief to many in the company. Although, let's face it, barring a complete disaster, a Halo TV show was never exactly going to do badly was it? Even in the face of fairly mixed reviews, the level of interest and hype generated by the long-running franchise hitting the small screen will have pretty much guaranteed it a solid audience who'll stick around to see it out.

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