IGN has taken a final look at EA Motive's Dead Space remake ahead of the game's launch in just a week's time, and the preview provides some nice detail on what to expect from this reimagining of the 2008 original.

The outlet says that the vast majority of this remake is identical to the original title in terms of gameplay, while obviously featuring a huge visual upgrade. However, there are some brand-new features included in the 2023 version as well - features that could potentially lead to a better version of Dead Space.

These include new weapon upgrades, side missions and a more open feel to the game's central hub - the Ishimura spaceship. The core of Dead Space still seems firmly intact, but EA Motive is definitely making a few notable changes here.

"In many ways Dead Space is a purist's remake, I'd estimate that around 85% of what I experienced was identical to the original game, just with vastly superior visuals. But, it's the other 15% that has me quietly wondering - 'could this remake genuinely be better than its progenitor?'"

Of course, this is just a pre-release preview and the jury is still out on how the full experience will hold up. Having said that, IGN went hands on with a good seven hours of the game here, which sounds like plenty of time to get a good feel for things. We'll see how everything shakes out when Dead Space launches for Xbox Series X and S on January 27th.

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