Capcom Confirms Visual Specs For All Xbox Versions Of Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise hits Xbox Game Pass in just a week's time, and ahead of launch the team at Capcom has revealed some more information about how the game will run across all Xbox console versions.

The game's resolution specs are pretty much to be expected, although as we've seen before, there's a visual drop on Xbox Series S compared to the last-gen Xbox One X. Here's how each version performs:

  • Xbox One/Xbox One S: 1080p
  • Xbox Series S: 1440P
  • Xbox One X: 4K
  • Xbox Series X: 4K / 60FPS or 1080p / 120FPS

Unfortunately, the team is yet to confirm frame rates for any version except Xbox Series X, where players will have the option to choose between 4K / 60FPS or 1080p / 120FPS, as long as your display supports high refresh rates. The team does stress that all announced frame rates are targets, so not necessarily a 100% lock at all times.

"Frame rate is variable depending on the gameplay situation. Depending on the performance of the hardware and your preferences, you can adjust the frame rate priority or image quality priority."

Hopefully soon we get some more information about those other Xbox versions of Monster Hunter Rise, especially Xbox Series S which we're hoping will be aiming for 60FPS gameplay.

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