Wow! We've seen quite a lot of Atomic Heart in action recently as its Xbox Game Pass launch date draws ever closer, however, this might be the most impressive footage we've seen yet. Sure, this is high-end PC stuff, but it shows just how gorgeous a world developer Mundfish is creating with this title.

The team's latest trailer arrived at Nvidia's CES 2023 showcase, and it's all about how the development team is implementing GeForce ray tracing into the game - if your PC rig will be able to handle it that is!

We've not yet heard whether the game will support ray tracing of any kind on Xbox Series X or Series S. If there is any sort of RT support it'd likely differ from this footage in some fashion, given the power of Nvidia's setup and the fact that Xbox Series X|S uses AMD technology.

Still, this really is something to behold and it's got us real excited to see the final product. Atomic Heart comes straight to Xbox Game Pass on day one - February 21st 2023.

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