Xbox Adds Another New Dynamic Background For Series X|S Owners

Although there's plenty of drama in Obsidian's latest release Pentiment, it can actually be quite a relaxing game at times with its beautiful scenery and calming music. With this in mind, Xbox has released a new Pentiment-themed dynamic background for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S owners.

To apply it, you'll need to head over to the Settings menu > Personalisation > My Background > Dynamic Backgrounds. Here's a look at it courtesy of the Obsidian Twitter account:

If you've not tried out this unique narrative-driven murder mystery, we highly recommend it. In fact, in our review of Pentiment here at Pure Xbox, we gave it an excellent nine out of ten stars, calling it an Xbox Game Pass delight.

"With a story that really goes some places, tons of history to learn about, lots of fantastic characters to meet and plenty of fun and surprises along the way, this is one medieval murder mystery you should absolutely check out"

What do you think of the latest dynamic background? Have you tried out Pentiment yet? Comment below.