Xbox Appears To Be Working On A 'Dynamic Backgrounds Editor'
Image: Xbox

If you've ever wanted to make your own custom backgrounds, you might want to read on. It looks like Microsoft could be working on an 'Xbox Dynamic Backgrounds Editor' for the Xbox Series X|S.

Here's a tweet by known Microsoft Store scanner and Twitter user 'Aggiornamenti Lumia' demonstrating an early build, as also highlighted by The Verge's senior editor Tom Warren:

@tomwarren - Microsoft is working on an Xbox Dynamic backgrounds editor. It looks like it will let Xbox owners create their own dynamic backgrounds

As noted in a follow-up tweet, it's currently an Xbox app dubbed "Unnamed project". Obviously, the video makes clear what it really is...

A selection of Dynamic Backgrounds are currently available on Xbox Series X|S but they're exclusively released by Microsoft and you can't modify them (yet). Not long ago, Xbox also added an update allowing users to take an image from the internet application Microsoft Edge and use it as a dashboard background.

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