Two Games Are Available Today With Xbox / PC Game Pass (December 1)

Update: We've got another one to add to the list! Eastward has arrived today on console, PC and cloud as part of Xbox Game Pass, so we've added it to the list below. We'll let you know if any others crop up!

Original story: Microsoft has wasted little time with the Xbox Game Pass lineup in December 2022, treating us to two new additions on December 1st - one is brand-new to PC Game Pass specifically, while the other has never been on Game Pass before.

Obviously, the highlight here is The Walking Dead: The Final Season, which serves as the epic final chapter in Telltale Games' amazing series. The entire Walking Dead series is now available on Xbox Game Pass as of today, so we highly recommend starting with the first game and working your way through to The Final Season over time.

Here's a closer look at what's been added to Xbox Game Pass today, December 1st:

Eastward - Console, PC, Cloud

Welcome to the charming world of Eastward - population declining! Journey through a society on the brink of collapse. Discover delightful towns, strange creatures and even stranger people! Wield a trusty frying pan and mystic powers on an adventure into the unknown…

Totally Reliable Delivery Service - PC (Already On Console & Cloud)

Buckle up your back brace and fire up the delivery truck, it's time to deliver! Join up to three of your friends and haphazardly get the job done in an interactive sandbox world. Delivery attempted, that's a Totally Reliable Delivery Service guarantee!

The Walking Dead: The Final Season (Console, PC)

"Clementine, now a fierce and capable survivor, has reached the final chapter in her journey. After years on the road facing threats both living and dead, a secluded school might finally be her chance for a home. But protecting it will mean sacrifice."

Interested in either of these? Tell us down in the comments section below.

Which Of These Will You Be Playing?