Metal Hellsinger Update 1.5 Patch Notes Xbox Game Pass

It's a big day for the rhythm FPS Metal: Hellsinger, as not only has it just launched a brand-new Xbox One version on Xbox Game Pass, but it's also released its first proper content update across all platforms.

Metal: Hellsinger Patch 1.5 introduces a brand-new difficulty in the form of "Archdevil", which can only be unlocked after you've competed the main game, along with new advanced combos, new Coat of Arms Collectibles and a digital Art Book within the Extras menu. Plus, there are plenty of fixes and balance improvements.

You'll find the full patch notes below:


New game difficulty: Archdevil.

  • For those of you wild demons who have mastered Beast comes Archdevil, a new wicked difficulty mode for Metal: Hellsinger.
  • Daring enough to try this new difficulty? Beware: rumor has it that a new threat awaits within the ranks of the armies of Hell.
  • Unlocked after beating the game in any difficulty.

New combos.

  • We’ve added a handful of additional advanced combos that build fury and score. These new combos will add further variety to rhythmic play and more interesting scoring strategies.
  • Play, slay and sway to the beats of chaos to find these new combos!

New Coat of Arms collectibles.

  • 4 collectibles hidden on each of the campaign levels, one per difficulty.
  • Unlock new cosmetic weapon skins.

Art Book.

  • Feast your eyes on the demonic art our dev-mons used to build Hell and all chaos within. Damn, I look good.
  • Available within the Extras menu.



  • Seraphs now deal more damage, and their beam attack is faster.
  • Shield Cambions are now less sturdy, while dealing slightly more damage.
  • The Siege Behemoths are now better at lining up their attacks to the beat.
  • Marionettes are more precise when attacking, and better at gauging the reach of their attacks.


  • Terminus:
    • The Infernal Solo Ultimate lasts for a shorter duration of time, but is now faster to build up to and deals more damage.
  • The Hounds:
    • Physical force of attacks has been lowered.
  • Persephone:
    • Falloff range has been increased.
  • Hellcrow:
    • The Murder of Crows Ultimate now deals less damage.

Scoring & Fury

  • Increased the Score given for Multi-Kills.
  • Decreased the Fury gained from Double Slaughter.
  • Fixed an issue where Fury gain from on beat actions would be skipped, if triggered at the same time as a Combo.


  • Adjusted the amount of health given from Styx Crystals and Slaughters to be less random.
  • Fixed an issue with how the Unknown navigates to an enemy for Slaughter.


  • Fixed an issue which could crash after running a calibration and spamming inputs.
  • “No rest for the wicked” achievement could be blocked from unlocking. We fixed this.
  • Fixed an issue where the EULA could overlap the Main Menu under specific circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where Dead Zone setting could overlap the Main Menu under specific circumstances.
  • Vulcan and Hellcrow entries in the codex could be unlocked before getting the weapons. Well, no more!
  • Fixed an issue that could cause leaderboards to be visually overwritten and show incorrectly when swapping difficulties.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the ultimate indicator to not show on the crosshair when picking up a weapon in a Campaign.
  • The Boss song title should no longer show visible for a few seconds after skipping the cutscene and returning to the Main Menu.
  • On-beat feedback animation should no longer get stuck after switching weapons during a dash.
  • Fixed some naming inconsistency in the Portuguese localization.
  • Voke:
    • Fixed some environmental gaps in the third arena.
  • Stygia:
    • Fixed some rocks you could visibly clip through in the Boss arena.
  • Yhelm:
    • Fixed an issue where parts of the level could disappear from your FoV if navigating to a certain spot.
    • Fixed a stuck spot in the first arena.
    • Fixed a couple of spots in the fourth arena where enemies would not be able to reach you with their attacks.
    • Fixed an issue that could cause visible flickering on the first arena.
  • Incaustis:
    • Fixed an issue where the Judge Aspect could remain unresponsive after not being attacked at the beginning of the Final phase.
    • Fixed a rock that disappeared from FoV on the second arena.
  • Gehenna:
    • Fixed a map glitch that would let some clever devils to skip the first arena completely.
    • Fixed a rock in the first arena where enemies would not reach you.
  • Nihil:
    • Fixed a wall that would protect you from enemy melee attacks on the first arena.
    • There was a flying brazier in the third arena. There’s still gravity in Hell, and all braziers should abide to its laws. Even in Nihil.
    • Fixed a visual issue in the fourth arena under specific graphical settings.
  • Acheron:
    • Fixed a specific spot where you could step out of the map geometry in the third arena.
    • We followed the crimson river of Acheron and found out its source could be seen from the first arena. We created a new reality where that is not possible.
    • Fixed some visual issues on the third arena.
  • Sheol:
    • Fixed a visual issue on the pathway to the third arena.
    • Fixed some other small visual imperfections across the different arenas in Sheol.
  • Torments:
    • Fixed some areas that could prevent enemy attacks to reach you.


  • All Combos now have an indication of how much Score and Fury is given for them, visible in the Compendium.
  • Music credits have been added to the intro cutscene of all boss fights and is now also visible in the pause menu.
  • The version number of the game build is now visible in-game, in the Settings menu.

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