We don't know about you, but our hype levels for Hogwarts Legacy are reaching boiling point! The first gameplay showcase back in November left us with high expectations, but this second showcase was even more enticing.

While the first event was focused around the exploration of Hogwarts, today's new 30-minute gameplay video gave us a look at the world outside the castle walls, showing us broom and Hippogriff traversal along with a deep dive into combat. Customisation, too, was featured heavily towards the end of the showcase.

The big takeaway for us is that there seems to be a ton of depth to Hogwarts Legacy. The world looks vast and beautiful, the combat appears varied and challenging, and the customisation aspects of the game are far more feature-filled than we'd have expected. Seriously, this is really impressive stuff.

If you're as excited for Hogwarts Legacy as we are, you'll be glad to know the game is currently scheduled for February 10th, 2023 on Xbox Series X and Series S, with a three-day early access period available with certain versions. Xbox One owners will unfortunately have to wait a couple extra months, as the last-gen versions were recently delayed.

What do you make of this Hogwarts Legacy gameplay footage? Tell us down in the comments below.