GTA Online To Add Ray-Traced Reflections For Xbox Series X In December 2022 Update

Rockstar Games has confirmed that the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 versions of Grand Theft Auto Online will be receiving another visual upgrade this month in the form of ray-traced reflections.

This feature will roll out as part of the GTA Online December 2022 update, which hasn't received a release date as of yet. You'll be able to see the improvements as part of the game's Fidelity Mode:

"PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X will add ray-traced reflections β€” rendering real-time reflections on many surfaces β€” via the Fidelity Mode graphics setting."

Unfortunately, it appears the Xbox Series S won't be receiving the same benefits, although GTA Online is also getting a variety of other general improvements as part of this update that have been detailed at the Rockstar website.

As for whether this RT feature will affect the story mode of Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox Series X? This hasn't been confirmed or denied as of yet, so we're hoping it might extend to the full game rather than just the online portion.

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