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With GTAV next-gen details finally out in the wild, you may be asking yourself, is it worth the upgrade? While the new graphical features do sound enticing, it's a big ask, as the game currently has no free upgrade path. However, there is one way to taste GTAV on next-gen without the hefty price tag.

And that is to pick up GTA: Online. Unlike both previous GTAV console releases, GTA: Online for Xbox Series X|S will be available as a separate purchase. That means you won't have to fork out £50+ to see what next-gen GTAV looks like.

Gta Online

Rockstar hasn't revealed a price for that yet, although it says to "stay tuned for more details". However, you only have to look at Red Dead Online to see where Rockstar might go.

Red Dead Online is also available as a separate purchase; it launched a little while after the main game. Red Dead Online costs just £17.99/$19.99 on its own, therefore, we'd expect GTA: Online on next-gen to be a similar price. That'd be a real nice saving if you're not interesting in replaying the main campaign.

GTAV and GTA: Online launch on Xbox Series X|S on March 15th, at least digitally. A physical version is set to follow in April.

Is GTA: Online tempting considering its cheaper price point? Let us know below.

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