xbox discord

Xbox has unveiled its console update for November 2022, and it's a big one! Plenty of recent Insider Program features are making their way over to all consoles, including a new 'Captures' app and proper Discord voice chat integration across Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

Xbox Captures App

Let's kick things off with captures, because frankly, this is a very welcome change. While we still want to see even more improvements here regarding clip quality, the team has at least added a dedicated 'Captures' app, found in the Xbox guide's 'Capture & Share' tab and within 'My Games & Apps'. No more digging around to find recent clips and pics!

xbox captures

Discord is being fully integrated on Xbox with this update as well. You'll be able to connect your Discord voice channels to Xbox post-update, allowing for easier voice chat with PC and mobile players. The new Discord options are found within the 'Parties & Chats' section of the guide, as pictured up at the top.

Xbox Store Wish List Notifications

Another major feature arriving in the November update relates to a selection of changes coming to Xbox Store notifications. When you share wish lists with friends, they'll get notifications as to what's on your list, and you can also enable sale notifications for wish list items. When those games go on sale, Xbox will notify you of the sale and the overall discount!

xbox Wishlist

The final major changes coming with this Xbox console update are some enhanced power options regarding the 'energy saving' and 'instant on' modes. Basically, the console will break down power usage per-mode, spelling out how much energy you can save by switching modes.

There are a few other small changes tucked into this new console update - those are detailed on the official Xbox Wire post.

What do you make of this huge Xbox update? Let us know which features you'll make use of down below.