The team behind Turbo Golf Racing has announced its upcoming second season of content, which speeds onto the scene for Xbox Game Pass members on November 17th. The update will be Aztec-themed, containing 10 new levels, a new tutorial system, ranked leaderboards and more.

Season Two will also deliver a brand-new battle pass for Turbo Golf Racing, containing a selection of rewards for players to earn throughout the season. Oh, and that's free as well!

This Rocket League-like dropped on Xbox Game Pass back in August — at least in its current 'Game Preview' form — and we've enjoyed what we've played of it so far. Our hands-on feature around launch deemed Turbo Golf Racing "good fun in short bursts", and we're hoping Season Two can add a bit more longevity to the game later this month.

Will you be giving this one a go during season two? Come tell us in the comments below!