Image: Bethesda, Xbox

Starfield is easily one of the most anticipated titles of 2023, but one question that continues to resurface is about the platforms this epic space RPG is coming to. In a new interview on the Lex Fridman podcast (via YouTube), legendary game developer Todd Howard was asked once again about the game's exclusivity.

So, in case you're in need of some reassurance - yes, it's definitely exclusive to Xbox on console. Here's exactly what Todd had to say:

"It is exclusive - Xbox, PC...keep in mind for us that exclusivity is not unique even though we've done PlayStation stuff...we were traditionally PC developers in the beginning, we transitioned to Xbox, [it] became our lead platform, like Morrowind was basically exclusive to Xbox, Oblivion was exclusive to Xbox for a long period of time...our initial stuff is all Xbox, so we get into development saying we're focused on Xbox, it's not abnormal for us in any way..."

Todd went on to explain how focusing exclusively on Xbox has allowed the development team to actually get more out of the platform it's working with:

"From a development side, I like the ability to focus...and have help from them - the top engineers at Xbox, to say 'we are going to make this look incredible on the new systems', is like from my standpoint, it's just awesome."

This same question about exclusivity has been repeatedly asked since the Bethesda acquisition. Bethesda's executive Pete Hines previously shut down fan speculation of a possible PlayStation 5 release in August last year and even acknowledged upset and angry fans - informing them to buy an Xbox or PC, if they really wanted to play Starfield.

Xbox reps like Aaron Greenberg have also previously chimed in, reiterating how the space RPG will be launching "exclusively" on Xbox Series X|S, PC and Game Pass on day one.

So, there you have it - Starfield really is exclusive to Xbox on console and it's actually allowed the team to make the game even better on this specific platform. The game has obviously been on the receiving end of a delay, but by the sounds of it, will be in a much better state when it launches.

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