Developer Brass Token's horror game The Chant launched on Xbox earlier this week, and despite much of the gaming world talking about God of War yesterday, a selection of reviews have quietly dropped for this new title as well.

The reception so far seems mixed, with scores averaging out at around 7/10 at the time of writing. Still, that's a decent score, so here's some of what the critics are saying about The Chant:

GameSpew (8/10)

"The Chant is destined to become a cult hit, we think. Marrying traditional survival horror gameplay with a unique setting and spiritual themes, it feels fresh but familiar; how many other survival horror games find you fighting plant-like enemies and other monstrosities with incense sticks, oils and salt, after all?"

PlayStation Universe (7/10)

"The Chant is a flawed experience filled with some fantastic moments, stellar monster design, light exploration and puzzle-solving, and a solid narrative to keep things moving. Despite its dated visuals, oversized linear world, and simplistic AI, you can find a nice survival horror romp in The Chant if you let yourself be taken by it."

Stevivor (7/10)

"Despite some teething problems, The Chant is certainly worth a playthrough for those who appreciate the survival horror genre. More importantly, this debut title has me excited for what’s next from Brass Token; some small refinements of gameplay elements would make for an outing that I’d happily recommend to anyone with a controller. Here’s to a very pleasant surprise."

Screen Rant (6/10)

Three different endings are available to those itching to give The Chant another spin, and our own playthrough took only about six or seven hours from start to credits. Even though there are plentiful elements where the gameplay sags, The Chant is a spirited survival horror custom-made for adherents to the genre’s quirks, and they’ll be delighted at the finale.

Push Square (5/10)

With the horror genre going through a sudden but welcome revival, a bang-average title isn't really going to cut it anymore as The Callisto Protocol and Dead Space loom on the horizon. Unfortunately, The Chant is exactly that. It's an okay game, but it's going to be forgotten about just as quickly as it comes.

Well, there you go! The Chant sits bang on 70 on Metacritic at the time of writing, although that's for the PS5 version specifically. It sounds like there's fun to be had here, especially if you enjoy playing pretty survival horror games!

Will you be trying out The Chant on Xbox? Let us know in the comments below!