Developer Brass Token has dropped another trailer for its upcoming horror game The Chant, which is a next-gen only title. The game was revealed last year, and it's set on a remote island where things turn south pretty quickly.

Full details of the project haven't really been laid out, and as you can see, the new trailer is quite brief. However, it looks like survival and crafting are key elements to The Chant's overall mission statement.

The Chant is a single-player, third person horror action-adventure game set on a remote spiritual island retreat. To survive you must craft, fight, and escape the psychedelic horrors set loose when a ritual goes wrong and awakens a dimension of cosmic terror.

The team behind The Chant seems to be a relatively new startup, although they have some pedigree behind them. The core team contains members who worked on Sleeping Dogs and Bully, among others.

The game is aiming for a fall 2022 release, although given the scarcity of detail provided so far, this one could well slip to next year. Still, we think it looks pretty interesting and another next-gen only release is what we want to see!

Look out for The Chant on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S later this year.

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