Indie adventure title Somerville has officially arrived as part of November 2022's Xbox Game Pass lineup, as have a bunch of written reviews. The reception so far is mostly positive, with scores averaging around the 7/10 mark overall.

Here's a selection of early reviews for Somerville on Xbox Game Pass:

VG24/7 (5/5)

"Jumpship has created a game that is hard to define. While it loosely feels similar to studio co-founder Dino Patti’s Inside (which he produced at Playdead), Somerville is on an entirely grander, more beautiful scale. It is, despite some fiddly moments, a quite magnificent sci-fi adventure, and an astonishing achievement for writer/director Chris Olsen and the team."

GamesRadar (4/5)

"Somerville goes from a cozy night in with the family to full-blown alien invasion within minutes. In one moment you're fetching a giant bag of dog kibble from the basement, and in the next the family is cowering together as the sky explodes with neon lights and the earth starts to rumble. Panic. It's palpable in every movement, every decision, every look and touch exchanged between husband and wife, parent and child – it's wonderful visual storytelling with not a single line of dialogue spoken."

Game Informer (8/10)

"Somerville is held back by technical shortcomings, but is full of impressive moments worth experiencing with the lights turned low and and your headphones up high."

IGN (7/10)

"Somerville has ties to modern legends Limbo and Inside, but it’s equally reminiscent of another Hall of Famer: Out of This World. The end result is a unique physics-based puzzle adventure that isn’t quite on the level of the games that inspired it, but is nevertheless an extraterrestrial nightmare worth exploring."

New Game Network (68/100)

"Somerville is a nice-looking adventure game with a unique puzzle element idea, but narrative and performance inconsistencies leave the overall experience a bit muted."

PC Gamer (4.5/10)

"The final act of Somerville does at least take some mildly intriguing surreal turns, playing on the psychology of the main character to have you questioning what's real and what isn't. But on the back of such an arduous journey, it's too little too late, and that opening boom remains a promise that was never fulfilled. The only thing worth contemplating in the end is whether Somerville was an overambitious project that couldn't make good on a grand vision, or if it simply wasn't an inspired idea in the first place.

Somerville is currently sitting at a respectable 77 on Metacritic right now, so it sounds like it could be worth a go with Xbox Game Pass! Keep an eye out for our review of Somerville here at Pure Xbox in the near future as well.

In related news, it's been revealed that The Gunk publisher Thunderful is actually acquiring Somerville developer JUMPSHIP, with a promise that the studio will "retain creative autonomy as it continues to create top-class story-driven narrative games."

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