'Evil West' Game Length Revealed By Developer Flying Wild Hog

Ahead of its Xbox launch next week, the team behind Wild West shooter Evil West has revealed the game's overall campaign length, which is fully playable in both solo and two-player co-op.

In an interview with German site XboxDynasty, Flying Wild Hog confirmed that Evil West's main story campaign will take players roughly 10-15 hours to complete. The team also stresses that there are extra modes to stretch that time out, including four difficulty levels, mission replay, NewGame+, and even a permadeath mode, alongside the aforementioned co-op option.

Whichever mode you opt to play, you may be limited on a technical level depending on what system you're playing on. The team recently announced all the tech specs for Evil West on console, revealing a 30FPS limit on Xbox Series S.

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[source xboxdynasty.de]