Evil West Xbox Series S

Recently, news broke that upcoming Wild West action game Evil West would run at 1080p resolution and 30 frames per-second on Xbox Series S, which unsurprisingly caused a bit of a stir, especially when the last-gen Xbox One X is set to run the game at full 4K res (albeit still at 30FPS). Since then, the team has spoken with German site XboxDynasty about the state of the game on Series S.

The gist of things is that while the game can indeed run at over 30FPS on that console, the frame rate was unstable, and the team ultimately preferred a 30FPS lock over a variable frame rate.

Here's the quote from Lead Producer Tomek Gop, although keep in mind it's a Google translation:

"The answer is as simple as this: We tried everything, but we couldn't guarantee 60 fps 100%. It would sometimes fall below that, which I think is worse for the experience than a stable 30fps."

Despite this, developer Flying Wild Hog didn't slate the Xbox Series S at all - far from it. Gop says that Microsoft's entry level current-gen console is an "excellent market product", especially as a "family entertainment" box.

Evil West launches on Xbox One and Series X|S on November 22nd. In the article below, you'll find the full console specs across all available platforms.

Will you be picking up Evil West at launch? Waiting on reviews? Come tell us!

[source xboxdynasty.de]