Xbox Doctor Who

Fancy yourself the next Doctor Who? You might want this custom Xbox console to prove it! Maze Theory, the team behind both Doctor Who: The Edge of Reality and Doctor Who: The Lonely Assassins, has revealed a pretty epic custom Xbox Series X, based on the iconic 'TARDIS' of course!

The console itself comes with a bright, colourful Xbox Series X pad that's also themed on all-things Doctor Who. We've got to admit, the package looks pretty impressive for any Doctor Who fans out there!

You can't buy this thing outright, as expected, but you can attempt to win it via a dev competition. There are 12 ways to enter for a chance to win the prize - all of which are detailed on the official competition page.

We've seen plenty of custom Xbox consoles so far this generation, although a lot have been based on the Series S at this stage. The only console you could outright purchase was the Halo Infinite Limited Edition Series X, and we can't wait to see what Microsoft reveals as the next official LE console - Starfield, perhaps?

Would you like to win this beast of a Series X? Let us know where it'd take you in the comments below!