A Plague Tale Xbox Series X
Image: TheRelaxingEnd, YouTube / VaduAmka, Twitter

Another custom Xbox Series X has been revealed this week, via an unboxing effort from YouTuber TheRelaxingEnd. This particular console is all things A Plague Tale: Requiem; Focus Entertainment has only commissioned two of these to be made worldwide! They've been created by the very talented VaduAmka.

What a beauty it is. As expected, the system is rat-themed, but we're also loving the little touches of brick, and veins, relating to the game's 'Macula' disease infecting poor little Hugo.

Image: A Plague Tale: Requiem, Asobo Studio

The unboxing contains a bunch of other Plague Tale goodies too, including a massive mystery chest that the whole lot comes packaged in. It's an impressive collection all in all; we'd love to get our hands on one of these consoles!

Sadly, that'll never happen, as is the case with most of these custom Xbox consoles. Still, it's nice to see the effort that goes into making these things - we just hope a purchasable one is manufactured soon. For Starfield's launch perhaps? We'll have to wait and see...

Is this the best custom Series X yet? Let us know your favourite down below.