Diablo 4 Reportedly Launching On Xbox In April 2023
Image: Diablo 4, Blizzard Entertainment

Well, some Diablo 4 release date reports are beginning to gain pace ahead of next month's The Game Awards event. Reported on by both Xbox Era and Windows Central, Blizzard is set to launch Diablo 4 in April 2023, with a blowout expected at The Game Awards 2022 this December.

Windows Central says a "sizeable marketing blitz" for Diablo 4 will kick off during next month's event, running right through to a rumoured release window of April 2023. Pre-orders are also expected to open up in December, with multiple physical and digital editions said to be in the works.

The WC report also details some of Blizzard's post-launch plans for Diablo 4. The developer is supposedly planning a "season-based live service" for the title, with Season 1 "tentatively scheduled for Q3", a few months after the game's initial launch.

As usual, all of these details are rumour at present and should be treated as such. We've got a couple of sources reporting on this though, and we know the team has been hosting internal Diablo 4 playtests as of late. Only a month or so until we find out for sure anyway, with The Game Awards 2022 going ahead on December 8th.

What do you make of this? Excited for Diablo 4 on Xbox? Let us know down below!

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