Diablo 4
Image: Diablo 4 Concept Art, Blizzard

Diablo 4 development over at Blizzard seems to be going down pretty well, at least according to a tidbit from Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier. Schreier took to Twitter earlier this week to talk about an ongoing Diablo 4 playtest, even if those taking part are under NDA.

Because of that NDA, we don't get too many details here. Even so, it seems as though things are progressing nicely with Diablo 4 development, with the reporter saying that's he heard 'mostly positive buzz' about the playtest.

That's just as well, because Blizzard could do with a Diablo home run this time out. Diablo 2 Resurrected had more than its fair share of issues around launch and beyond, and mobile spin-off Diablo Immortal didn't land so hot with folks either.

We're hoping 4 sticks its landing a little better. By the time it launches, the Xbox & ActiBlizz deal could be wrapped up, making Diablo 4 a potential first party Xbox release when it arrives in 2023.

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