Burnout Developer Criterion Believes A New Entry 'Would Be Absolutely Phenomenal Now'

British developer Criterion Games may well be hard at work on this year's Need for Speed Unbound release, but the team hasn't forgot about its famous Burnout series. Burnout is still held in incredibly high regard by a lot of arcade racing fans, who eagerly await its potential return. Well, that could indeed happen at some point, according to the dev.

Criterion's Kieran Crimmins, creative director on Unbound, recently sat down with Eurogamer to talk all things NFS, and Burnout of course. EG couldn't resist bringing up Burnout, to which Crimmins happily gave his thoughts:

"It's not something we're looking at doing now. Right? It's not my next game or anything like that. Not that I could say if it wasn't, but I guess I can say that it's not the next game I will work on. But if you're talking about the two games that the studio has the most passion for, they're obviously Need for Speed and Burnout."

"We love those two franchises, and Burnout has a unique take on racing that I think would be absolutely phenomenal now. So I guess what I'm saying is, I would love to do that. And I hope that if everything goes well with these games, and we can expand the team, then maybe we can make one of those as well. It's not in the immediate future plans or anything like that but man, it'd be really fun."

Clearly, the developer is laser-focused on Need for Speed Unbound right now, as it launches in just a few short days on Xbox! However, Burnout still seems near and dear to Criterion, and we'd certainly welcome its return as well.

The rest of the interview is well worth a read, especially if you want to know more about the team's plans with Unbound, and the future of the Need for Speed series.

Which do you prefer, Burnout or Need for Speed? Let us know down below!

[source eurogamer.net]