Xbox Exec Jokingly 'Apologises' For Adding To Game Pass Backlogs In October 2022

How's your Xbox Game Pass backlog looking at the moment? We've had a pretty strong month for September bolstered by the arrival of Deathloop, and October's lineup looks strong as well, so it's safe to say ours is pretty extensive right now! A minimum of Scorn and A Plague Tale: Requiem will also be added pretty soon, but at least we've had an apology from Team Xbox about the situation...

Xbox's Aaron Greenberg has taken to Twitter to 'apologise' for the team adding even more big games to Xbox Game Pass this month. We're not sure such a joke will help our backlogs much (seriously, please help), but it's amusing to see Xbox acknowledge our struggles!

The four titles highlighted by Klobrille don't even take into account the couple of extra Game Pass updates we'll see during the month too, so it's safe to say things are going to get busy real soon. Oh well, we can't complain at more games can we!

At present, 10 titles are confirmed for Xbox Game Pass this month, including all the additions highlighted in this article. It's going to be a stacked October folks; let's start on those backlogs shall we?!

Which is your most anticipated October Game Pass title? Let us know in the comments below.