Eville Xbox Game Pass

It's yet another Game Pass drop day, people! Three games are being added to the library today, October 11th, including Double Fine's classic Costume Quest, just in time for Halloween!

Without further ado, here's a quick intro to each of today's new Game Pass titles:

Coral Island - PC (11AM EST / 4PM BST)

Coral Island is a vibrant and laid-back reimagining of farm sim games. Be who you want and experience enchanting island living at your own paceā€”live off the land, nurture animals, build relationships with a diverse cast of townsfolk, and make the world around you a more vital and harmonious place.

Costume Quest - Console, Cloud

Rediscover Halloween in this imaginative RPG from Tim Schafer's Double Fine Productions. Explore the monster-filled neighborhood of Auburn Pines, Autumn Haven Mall and Fall Valley Carnival. Collect magical costumes with super powers, unique weapons and special items as you hunt down quests. Level-up your heroic warrior and battle the evil overlords in this epic adventure to save Halloween!

Eville (Console, PC)

Betray your friends - and lie your way to victory. In the multiplayer social deduction game Eville, you find yourself in a village riddled by a series of murders. Some say it might have been you - or was it? Convince others you're not a murderer to stay alive!

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