Since No Man's Sky hit Xbox Game Pass more than two years ago, developer Hello Games has consistently updated its sci-fi adventure, and these are by no means small updates either. The latest of the updates is called 'Waypoint', version 4.0 of No Man's Sky, and it's set to introduce a "new era" for the title.

There are some core changes to how No Man's Sky works tucked into this update, including a bunch of new game modes, essentially. Here's the breakdown from Hello Games on the new modes:

  • Relaxed Mode: New Players have a more approachable and welcoming experience with a focus on sandbox more than survival.
  • Survival and Challenge: Existing players will find the survival challenge is more sustained even as they acquire knowledge, skills, and resources.
  • Customised Play Style: Players new and old can tweak hundreds of elements of their game to adjust to their preferred style of play.
  • Cross Game Mode Play: We’ve changed the way people matchmake. You can now play with other gameplay mode players. So, you will see more players and more bases than ever before.

The team is also making changes to player inventories, level caps, game saves and more. Again, here are the deets straight from the team:

  • Information Portal: Returning players who perhaps haven’t been back for an update or two, will find a useful recap informing them of exactly where they were making their re-entry smoother.
  • Streamlining: 20 major updates and thousands of bullet points from hundreds of patch notes across are now more streamlined into a more cohesive experience.
  • Inventories / Increased Level Caps: Inventories have been overhauled, effectively increasing the level cap for your ship, weapon, freighter, and suit.
  • Saves: Game saving has been made easier and more frequent so players can now jump in and out more readily.

While 'Waypoint' is perhaps lighter on brand-new content that the past couple of No Man's Sky updates, it does overhaul the experience for both new and existing players, fundamentally changing how the game can work, depending on the mode you choose. As long as these are positive changes, it's looking another huge step in the right direction for No Man's Sky!

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