Microsoft: Nearly Half Of Series S Owners Are Brand-New To Xbox

Microsoft just published its latest quarterly earnings report up to the end of September 2022, and it provides an interesting look at all things Xbox. The report revealed that Xbox gaming revenue was up 4% year-on-year, while gaming hardware revenues were up 13%. Interestingly, CEO Satya Nadella also dropped a nugget of info on Xbox Series S specifically that tells us a bit more about its overall user base.

Nadella says that "nearly half of the Xbox Series S buyers are new to our ecosystem", suggesting that Xbox's cut-price console is helping introduce people to gaming on Xbox. We're not surprised; it's current-gen gaming at less than $300!

Another interesting note tucked in here revolves around Xbox Cloud Gaming - another way to get users in the door with little to no upfront cost. Microsoft says that 20 million players have now streamed games using Xbox Cloud Gaming, up from 10 million earlier in the year.

The results are looking good for Xbox then, especially with bringing new players into the ecosystem. Regardless of some of the controversies surrounding Xbox Series S performance recently, it's clear the console has been a positive move for Microsoft and team Xbox.

Is the Xbox Series S your first ever Xbox system? Come tell us down below!

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