When Medieval Dynasty arrived as part of October 2022's Xbox Game Pass lineup, it sadly left some players disappointed with its 30FPS performance (along with a few other issues), but the game's latest update has made some major improvements in this area, adding a brand-new performance option with the ability to achieve 60FPS.

As part of Medieval Dynasty Patch, the new performance mode runs at 1440p (dynamic resolution), 60fps on Xbox Series X, and 1080p (also dynamic res), 60fps on Xbox Series S.

Here are the Xbox Series X|S specific improvements added as part of the patch:

  • Performance mode settings (In the "Graphics" section of settings)
  • Separate settings for PC Game Pass and XSX Game Pass (should be helping with launch issues)
  • Fixed: Restoring default control settings result in sprint and crouch set to hold instead of toggle
  • Fixed: FPS drop when walking with a torch (XSS)

Other new improvements in Medieval Dynasty Patch include some upgrades to how you can place fences and roads, the ability to get knocked down while hitting something in mid-air, and a wide range of fixes and updates.

As for the concerns regarding the small text size in Medieval Dynasty, the development team has confirmed the issue is being looked into, although they can't promise anything just yet. Fingers crossed for a fix relatively soon!

How are you finding Medieval Dynasty on Xbox Game Pass so far? Tell us in the comments below.

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