Killer Instinct Players Call For Help As 'Hacker' Destroys Ranked Multiplayer

There's been some drama in the Killer Instinct community over the weekend, as players have been taking to social media to call for help from Microsoft and developer Iron Galaxy in response to an apparent attack from a "hacker".

It seems that the ranked multiplayer part of Killer Instinct is now completely inaccessible at the time of writing, with just exhibition and lobbies still working. As a result, players are desperately asking for assistance:

As mentioned in the video above, it appears that some Killer Instinct players are aware of who the "hacker" is, and the issues have supposedly been going on for a long time, but there's no obvious way to stop them from occurring.

It seems to be a very similar situation to that of Titanfall 2, which itself has suffered high-profile issues with hackers in the past. Here's hoping Microsoft can find a way to remedy the problem in the near future, although sadly it's been multiple years since Killer Instinct has received any meaningful updates at this point.

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