Titanfall 2 Hacks Continue As Multiplayer Rendered Unplayable On Xbox

We highlighted back at the start of this week how Titanfall 2 had been the victim of a series of DDoS attacks across all platforms, and unfortunately, the situation hasn't really got too much better ever since.

While the hacks did cease for a couple of days, Titanfall 2 has once again been rendered unplayable in multiplayer on Xbox over the past 24 hours, with lots of reports confirming that the Xbox servers were "dead" last night:

It appears to be a specific hacker or hacker group that is causing these attacks, and the same issue has been plaguing the PC version of the original Titanfall for years. Developer Respawn confirmed it was investigating "a new wave of DDOS attacks affecting the Titanfall games" this past May, but hasn't commented on this past week's issues.

That said, Respawn's director of communications took to Twitter earlier in July to confirm that "the team has never stopped working on DDoS solutions" and "we WILL solve this", so hopefully they can find a remedy before it's too late.

Have you been affected by Titanfall 2's multiplayer issues over the past week? Let us know in the comments.