Indie Dev Reminds Us That Xbox Series S Is Capable Of 4K, 120FPS

Lately, the Xbox Series S has been involved in a bit of controversy surrounding its power, with one particular dev claiming that teams had been struggling with developing for the system. While there's no doubt that two consoles adds to the current-gen Xbox workload, we've also seen plenty of evidence that Xbox Series S is keeping pace this gen.

Although the circumstances are wildly different here when compared to AAA releases, an indie developer has taken to Twitter to remind us that the Series S can actually achieve up to 4K, 120FPS, albeit with a much less intensive game.

Back in March, PowerSlave Exhumed received a native Xbox Series X|S port, and the team managed to squeeze 4K and 120FPS out of Xbox Series S. Sure, it's a small indie title with its roots in the PS1 era, but still, it shows the console can at least push those high-performance numbers in some instances.

Even if PowerSlave Exhumed started out life as a PS1 game, it's not necessarily a given that it can run at such high targets on current-gen hardware. The dev claims that there's more going on in the background with this one than you might think.

Anyway, the dev managed to hit its targets here regardless, and the results show us the raw output that Xbox Series S is capable of. It all depends on the game of course, but still, we hope to see more of these numbers in the future!

"It's not about that we managed to do this, it's about how easily we managed to do it. This required just myself to test and deploy, where normally we would need a small team just to optimize to the hardware."

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