High On Life Dev: Xbox Has Been 'An Absolute Dream' To Work With

We at Pure Xbox recently had a chance to conduct an exclusive interview with Mike Fridley (Studio Director, Squanch Games) about all things High on Life ahead of its launch this December, and Fridley had some particularly nice things to say about the team's partnership with Xbox throughout the development process.

When asked about working with Xbox and also being part of Xbox Game Pass at launch, Fridley praised Xbox as "the perfect partner", adding that Game Pass is a "perfect fit" for High on Life:

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"Xbox has been an absolute dream to work with. They have been very supportive in their efforts to help us market High on Life and have completely stayed out of any development of the game. This is what we like to call "the perfect partner" around here.

As a Game Pass subscriber, I know how great of a service it is firsthand and we all know how much of a reach the service has on both console and PC. We're pumped to get as many people playing our game as possible, so Game Pass is a perfect fit for us."

Of course, High on Life was originally supposed to release on Xbox Game Pass this October before it was eventually delayed until December 13th, but fortunately the hype train hasn't died down at all, with the game generating a ton of interest over the past few months. We absolutely can't wait to get our hands on it this December!

We'll be publishing the rest of our High on Life interview with Mike Fridley next week on Pure Xbox, so keep an eye out! It includes answers to questions such as how linear (or open) the game will be, how long it will take to complete, and the one feature Mike is particularly excited for players to experience in the game!

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