One of the highlights of the Xbox Game Pass roundup from this week's Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase 2022 was High On Life, which is a brand-new sci-fi shooter from Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland.

It's officially described as "a first-person shooter, with a real step up into A-level comedy you don’t see in video games," and the reason Roiland is connected is because he co-founded the development studio behind it, Squanch Games.

High on Life is officially heading to Xbox Series X and Series S this October (no word on Xbox One).

You can check out some more details below, along with the official trailer above.

"You’ll get to travel to a bunch of different planets, where you’ll meet strange aliens, recover valuable resources, hunt down awesome enemies, and soak up the atmosphere. We don’t want to share too much about those specific locations right now, because a lot of the fun comes down to not knowing what’s ahead. I will say that fans of “Rick and Morty”’s interdimensional cable are going to want to pay close attention to High On Life."

"It’s important that our games are super fun to play and aren’t padded out with a bunch of nonsense. Well, not boring nonsense. This is our first first-person shooter, and we’re proud of how it plays. It’s not a mediocre game with great jokes. High On Life is a great shooter that’s also totally hilarious and weird as all get-out."

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