Here's When Overwatch 2's Free-To-Play Launch Hits Xbox

Well, it's finally happening! More than six years after Overwatch hit Xbox One, its follow-up is about to launch on Xbox platforms, this time as a free-to-play title (well, the multiplayer at least). With the move to F2P, you may be asking yourself, when can I try out the sequel?

Overwatch 2 Xbox Release Times

Overwatch 2's Xbox release date is today, October 4th. Here are the various release times for Blizzard's hero shooter sequel, per region:

  • 12pm PDT
  • 3pm EDT
  • 8pm BST
  • 9pm CEST
  • 6am AEDT (October 5)

As the development team transitions to Overwatch 2, the first game has been quietly laid to rest. Overwatch 1's servers are now officially closed, and if you try to play the game right now, you'll be greeted with a server disconnection message. RIP.

Blizzard is inserting most of the content from Overwatch 1 into its sequel, so we're not surprised to see the first game meet its maker on the eve of Overwatch 2's launch. Still, keeping a legacy version alive while the fanbase transitions over could have been an option. Alas, we must all move immediately over to OW2 instead!

Do you have any distinct memories from the first Overwatch? Feel free to reminisce in the comments down below.