A week after A Plague Tale: Requiem finally arrived on Xbox Game Pass, the folks over at Digital Foundry have delivered a tech breakdown of Asobo Studio's rat-infested sequel. The analysis goes over all the big techy details, including resolutions and frame rates, and the headline here is that it's an incredible looking game on all platforms.

That includes both Xbox Series X and S, which currently offer up the smoothest console performance levels at launch. To that point, DF labels the Xbox Series X as the best way to play the game on console right now.

"Xbox Series X is the best and most consistent performer of the three [console versions] and I've rarely seen much more than a single frame drop here and there, even in the most taxing spots."

Xbox Series S delivers a 900p fixed resolution at 30FPS, whereas its big brother, Series X, hits 1440p resolution at the same frame rate. Both versions are bumped up to 40FPS with the use of a 120Hz display (as long as your console is set to output at 120!).

What's clear though is that Requiem is about much more than pure resolution and frame rate. Asobo has packed a lot more detail into the game's world this time around; afforded by its current-gen-only release. We must admit, we thought it was a real looker during our Series X playthrough!

Have you tried A Plague Tale: Requiem yet? Leave your spoiler-free thoughts down below.